Binx Bits: The History of Gaming is Coming

By Robert Marrujo:: Hello dear readers from Binx headquarters. We hope that you've all been enjoying the expansion of Binx.News and getting daily updates on the video game industry. While we love touching on all the contemporary business surrounding gaming on PlayStation 4, PC, and beyond, we know that half the fun of video games is the history behind them. With that in mind, we have a new Binx feature coming this Friday—Binx Bits: The History of Gaming.

With each installment of Binx Bits we'll be peeling back the layers on some of your favorite video games developers, series, titles, and more. What we want to accomplish with this series is to not just give you all some insight into the history of this incredible medium, but also do it with accuracy. Each piece will be thoroughly researched in order to help ensure that you all get the most reliable information as possible.

As someone who's both a video game journalist and historian, I take umbrage with sloppy writing about gaming. So my goal with Binx Bits is to show this material the respect that I honestly believe it deserves and present it in a way that's easy for you all to soak in whether you're leisurely surfing the web at home on your laptop, or on your phone sitting on the bus heading to work. Our first entry? Well, why not start with one of the most important consoles ever—the Nintendo Entertainment System! See you all then.

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