Big Changes Heading to EU League of Legends Championship Series

By Robert Marrujo:: For our friends across the pond, the League of Legends Championship Series will be getting a major overhaul. For those not in the know, the LCS is a huge deal from an eSports perspective; tournaments are held in the US and Europe and over 20 teams total convene to face off, whittling each other down until two remain for the final League of Legends World Championship brawl. Riot Games handles the proceedings, but a change is coming to the Euro circuit.

Beginning with the European League Championship Series of summer 2018 the league will be condensed down to four regions—Berlin and Barcelona, Spain, Paris, and London. According to Jacob Wolf of ESPN, this is how the breakdown will go:

"The top two teams of each domestic league will automatically qualify into the greater league, which will run alongside the competitive seasons of the domestic league, similar to the Champions League, according to sources. The third- and fourth-place teams will compete in a play-in, while fifth and sixth places will play in an open qualifier. The greater league will house a total of 16 teams, with a number of group stages and a double-elimination playoff bracket. Qualifications for the 2018 World Championship will include the winner of the greater league as well as a Championship Points system similar to the one that currently exists."

The four regions will contain 24 total teams, with each team being given multiyear licenses from Riot Games itself. As far as where these teams will actually play and host events is still to be determined, along with most of the exact dates regarding registration and so on. The European branch of the LoL Championship Series has been experimenting with different formats and so on for a while now; this latest change seems to be spurned on by declining viewership. We'll keep you posted on further developments as we uncover them.

Source: ESPN

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