Batman: The Animated Series Coming to Blu-ray

The classic, finally in high definition.

By Robert Marrujo:: This writer has been slow to convert his collection of DVDs to Blu-ray, but the process is roughly seventy percent complete, to date. One thing that's been difficult is seeing certain TV shows on DVD and refusing to purchase them, knowing that a Blu-ray edition is likely not far off. Here's a perfect case in point: Batman: The Animated Series is finally going HD.

Announced at New York Comic Con, DC will be honoring the 25th anniversary of the show with this new collection. Though there's no firm release date just yet, we do know that the collection is being produced by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and is coming in the backend of 2018. Batman: The Animated Series is considered one of the greatest adaptations of a comic book ever made. You can see if the series is worth all the hype by watching it all over again when it drops next year!

(Spoiler: It totally is!)

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