ARMS Getting a Graphic Novel Series

Printed pugilism.

By Robert Marrujo:: Not only is it shocking that Nintendo was able to pull off a fighting game with mechanics that welcome both hardened vets and newbies, but the game itself also boasts a pretty engaging cast of characters. ARMS has been a huge hit for Nintendo in the months since its launch and the developer appears keen on doing some world-building while the iron is still hot. Enter Dark Horse Comics, which will be producing graphic novels based on the Nintendo brawler.

Here's a peek at the advert for the series:

The art was done by the illustrious illustrator Joe Ng of UDON Entertainment fame. If you're wondering where you've heard the name, UDON is the studio behind all those excellent Street Fighter comics. If Ng is attached to this project that's definitely a plus for fans. Dark Horse is no slouch, either, helming a number of excellent comics over the years, including Hellboy. The graphic novels will begin to roll out in Fall of 2018.

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