All Xbox One X Systems Have A Secret Master Chief Inside

Master Sneak.

By Robert Marrujo:: Xbox didn't really, truly come into its own as a console until Halo: Combat Evolved. With the arrival of Master Chief, Xbox and Microsoft became unquestionable members of the video game industry fraternity and have been part of that scene ever since. Thus, it only makes sense that Master Chief himself should be immortalized in some way with the impending launch of Xbox One X.

The premium console is Microsoft's latest upgrade of the Xbox One hardware and brings with it a significant power boost under the hood. If you happen to poke around a bit while there, you might happen across something rather interesting: a tiny Master Chief riding an equally tiny scorpion! Take a look:

The minuscule John-117 was spotted by a YouTube user Unocero, who was cracking open an Xbox One X in a video. The information has, of course, gone virile ever since the discovery was made. It has since been confirmed by Microsoft that all Xbox One X units come with the image stamped inside.

Are you getting an Xbox One X when it launches on November 7? Will you be voiding your warrant to see the small Master Chief? Tell us in the comments!

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