Alex Ross Might Be Hinting At The Return Of The Fantastic Four

The first family of the Marvel Universe might be making a comeback.

By Robert Marrujo:: The Fantastic Four have been largely MIA since the conclusion of Secret Wars in 2016. Nearly two years have passed since Reed, Sue, Franklin, Valeria, and the Future Foundation went off to rebuild Marvel's multiverse. The two members to remain active have been Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, both of whom have been taking part in separate adventures and are apparently unaware that their family is still very much alive.

Well, unaware they're alive, but not accepting that they're dead, to be clear. Ben and Johnny are set to be reunited in December with the relaunch of Marvel Two-in-One, where the pair will star in the storyline "The Fate of the Four." While that alone should be enough of a hint that The Fantastic Four might be making a comeback, word of a post on Reddit by legendary comics creator Alex Ross is only adding further fuel to the fire.

The post was of a seeming new design of the famous Fantastic Four uniform. The image has since been removed, but it was preserved by a Reddit user and saved on Imgur for everyone to see. Mums the word from Marvel and Ross, but the unis definitely don't look like any the FF have ever sported before. Ross has been known to redesign characters, but they don't always see the light of day. Is this new look something official? A one-off he did for fun? We'll just have to wait and see!

Marvel Two-in-One by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jim Cheung launches December 2017.

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