UPDATE: 4K HD Remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope Hitting PS4 Next Month

The game is officially bound for North America.

UPDATE:: Square Enix has confirmed that the remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope will come to PS4 in the West on November 28. PlayStation Plus members will get an additional 10% off until December 12. Purchase of the game nets customers a PS4 theme as well as new avatar images. 4K is supported on PS4 Pro only. The original story is below.

By Robert Marrujo:: Star Ocean isn't as renowned of an RPG series as, say, Final Fantasy, but it has its own loyal following both here and in Japan. Sadly, only that latter group of fans will be able to bask in the majesty of the 4K HD remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Here's the trailer that SquareEnix put out to announce the game:

Square previously brought Star Ocean: Till The Ends of Time Director's Cut to the West on PlayStation 4, but there are currently no intentions of bringing this new remaster to the region. The Last Hope will launch digitally in Japan on PS4 and Steam on November 28. Do you hope it will come our way at some point? Share with us in the comments!

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