Marvel Legacy #1 Takes Marvel Universe to “Phase 3”

A plan years in the making?

By Robert Marrujo:: Fans have been offering mixed reactions to Marvel's line of comic books in recent years. With high-profile creators like Ed Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman exiting the publisher, their replacements have had some very large shoes to fill, and not all of them have found success. With the upcoming launch of Marvel Legacy next week with a nominal one-shot, Marvel looks to be righting the ship while still moving the line forward.

Speaking with CBR, editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said the following:

"Marvel Legacy is Act 3 of a larger plan for the Marvel Universe. In Act 2, we took a lot of our iconic heroes off the playing field, replaced them with either new, young characters — like Riri Williams or Amadeus Cho — or familiar characters — Jane Foster or Sam Wilson — and saw what types of stories emerged: Jane Foster as Thor, Sam Wilson as Captain America, Amadeus Cho as the Hulk. The return of the classic characters was inevitable, of course. We knew that, we wanted that, and we planned for that. That’s what Legacy is about: It sets the stage not only for the return of many of the classic characters but for the next stage in the lives of the newer characters. Now we find out if the Marvel Universe is big enough for all of them.”

While Alonso alleges that reverting back to the original characters was in the cards all along, there is the question of reports back in April during a retail summit that Marvel VP of print, sales, and marketing David Gabriel asserted that the company's aggressive push for diversity has been at the core of its flagging sales. Whether or not that played any factor in the planning for Marvel Legacy is unknown, but regardless it's clear that, for now, Marvel is intent on bringing its characters more back in line with what fans have been familiar with for many years. Whether or not this will bring readers new and old back into the fold remains to be seen.

Marvel Legacy #1 by writer Jason Aaron and artists Daniel Acuna, Jim Cheung, and more releases on September 27.

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